Mystic, CT – Shoreline Entertainment Group is pleased to announce the screening of Being Robin, a highly anticipated new film, at Mystic Luxury Cinemas on January 6 at 8:00 pm. This film event will be presented in our all-new, impressive 7.1 surround sound system, and will feature VIP heated, full recliners for an ultimate movie-going experience.

E-Gift Cards and Special Occasion Gift Packs are now available for purchase and make great stocking stuffers for the holiday season. These gift packs include tickets to Being Robin and a selection of concessions.

“Being Robin” tells the story of Roger Kabler, a professional actor, comedian, and impressionist who was inspired and delighted by Robin Williams for many years. After Williams’ passing, Kabler began to experience the presence and feelings of possession by Williams, leading him to create a stage show as a tribute to him. The show, which toured America for several years, is featured in the film – including actual footage of events, as well as reenactments and elements of fantasy.

Starring Roger Kabler, Being Robin features Alainna Rodgers in her film debut and a cameo by actor/comedian Bill Kirchenbauer. Many people who have seen it have been deeply impacted by its raw depiction of Kabler’s struggle with Bipolar disorder, and his deep love and devotion for Robin Williams. Kabler hopes the film will help bring people together and provide a glimpse into what Williams might have done if given the chance to return for a little while.

Don’t miss the chance to see Being Robin in the comfort and luxury of Mystic Luxury Cinemas. Purchase tickets and gift packs now at Mystic Luxury Cinemas offers a full range of theatre concessions, including popcorn with REAL BUTTER, and the LOWEST concession prices in the region. They also feature local WINE and BEER, as well as hot foods such as CHICKEN FINGERS and FRIES.


“Being Robin is a non-fiction film that has been recently released and is worth a look…when the spirit moves him his impersonations of Williams are uncanny, unnerving, hilarious, and moving. He’s not always funny, but neither was Williams. It’s a giddy, unstoppable outpouring of free association, scatology, neediness, mawkishness, and comic genius…” – Peter Keough, The Arts Fuse

“I just watched Being Robin. It’s a remarkable film and not anything that I expected. It’s, above all else, courageous. You explore something so personal – but the story is as compelling as any Hollywood picture. It also demonstrates your amazing acting skills…It never rings false. It never feels written. It feels experienced, and as an audience member, I am experiencing too…I liked — or am relieved — how it ended…. a sensational work of theatre” – Gary Apple, Television producer and writer of The Simpsons

“There are so many overused words and phrases I could steal from the columns of mainline critics to describe the film — a standout, a gripping performance, makes you wonder if you’re watching an impersonator or the real McCoy, a tour de force. You get the idea. But perhaps the best way to describe Being Robin and my relationship with it can be summed up in one word – complex…I don’t know the last time I watched something that filled me with such wonder and still, days later, left me blissfully confused and wanting to delve more into the film’s subject matter and Roger’s uncanny ability to keep me engaged at every turn. Like I said — complex. Do you think I liked it?” – Charles Marram

“Last evening I watched “Being Robin”, comedian and actor Roger Kabler’s fascinating, novel, quirky, and extremely brave documentary film. Kabler is a gifted actor and comedian, and he has created a one-man show that has toured the U.S. in which he portrays Robin Williams. I don’t know if Kabler is really possessed by Williams, but he is certainly able to channel him…Kabler’s film is an extraordinary tribute to Williams, a love letter to him, and an expression of Kabler’s own extraordinary talent. It is also a moving portrayal of the highs and lows of Kabler’s bipolar disorder and his journey through the darkness of depression. I highly recommend “Being Robin”. It is a unique and powerful film that will leave you moved and uplifted.” – Claudia Piepenburg, author of Letting Go.



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