Comedian Roger Kabler brings laughs as “Robin” and reflects on Williams’ life

Comedian Roger Kabler brings laughs as "Robin" and reflects on Williams' life The Morning Call

 “It’s kind of like ‘Field of Dreams’ with fart jokes. The audience doesn’t know if he’s possessed or if he’s nuts. Sometimes I wonder am I crazy or is it a real manifestation?”

Comedian Roger Kabler needs Robin Williams and perhaps Robin Williams needs Roger Kabler.

To hear Kabler tell it, it’s like Williams is sitting in the room with him telling him that he wants a second act. In some ways, Williams has given Kabler a second act in comedy.

“I can’t get too loud,” Kabler said during a recent phone call. “I’m in a nursing home.” Kabler who lives in Massachusetts was visiting a relative.

It quickly became apparent that he slips into Williams’ manic, stream-of-consciousness persona as fast as Williams delved into his own impersonations. “I’ve got to be quiet or they’ll think, ‘Well, we’ve found another one for you,’” he said in a funny Williams voice.

Kabler brings his “Ultimate Robin Williams Tribute” to the Sellersville Theater at 7:30 p.m., Feb. 17.

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